Help your clients ‘sleep better’!

Another tip in Project Management, is discovering our client Pains. We might consider as pains any issue that disturb them, worry them or don’t let them sleep well.

During this process, at the beginning fitting our vales proposition with our client needs, keep this in mind.

Don’t try to sell your solution; keep your preconceived ideas at the bottom of your mind and focus on the difficulties of the client and how he explains them.

Be concern about when to make open and closed questions.  Open questions might be suitable at the beginning of the interview, but they usually provide subjective answers. Try to make closed questions as often as possible.

Finally, gather quantitative answers, here you have some examples:

¿How can we help you to…?

  1. Generate savings? From the point of view of time, money or effort. How much do you estimate we can save?
  2. Make your customers feel better? Eliminating frustrations,
  3. Avoid discomfort and other things that cause you “headaches”.
  4. Fixing poor performance solutions? Introduce and list them
  5. Reach new features, better performance and quality.
  6. Put an end to the difficulties and challenges with which your customers? Making things easier or removing obstacles.
  7. Eliminate negative social consequences that you face or fear?
  8. From the point of view of loss of prestige, power, trust or status.
  9. Eliminate risks that scare you? Financial, social, technical Or things that could go wrong.
  10. Help your clients ‘sleep better’? Addressing issues Reducing or eliminating concerns.
  11. Limit or eradicate habitual mistakes that you make? Helping you to use a solution properly.
  12. Eliminate barriers that prevent you from adopting value? By introducing lower initial investment costs or eliminating them, With a shorter learning curve, or by removing other obstacles that prevent adoption.