Every good leader turns away from arrogance.

Destaco este post de la Revista “Inc”. Hace tiempo que no leía algo tan relevante sobre la gestión del liderazgo. Por suerte, durante la mayor parte de mi carrera profesional me he encontrado jefes colaboradores y promotores de sinergias.

“Every good leader turns away from arrogance.

Groundbreaking research by Bradley Owens and David Hekman, as reported by The Post,  concluded that a humble leader doesn’t believe success is inevitable. “He constantly tests his progress. He revises and updates plans, in light of new situations and information. Acknowledging he doesn’t have all the answers, he solicits feedback. He encourages subordinates to take initiative. He prefers to celebrate others’ accomplishments over his own,” states The Post.

That’s certainly a more accurate depiction which emphasizes the strength of humility, and as the researchers assert, it doesn’t weaken leaders’ authority. Rather, “it gives them more flexibility in how they use their power.”